A-1 Q.U.I.C.K.
Almighty One Quick Unite International Christian Kingdom


Almighty, Welcome to R Fathers Everlasting Kingdom of all his people both dead & living & all there works. Books


I know that the LORD is great, that our LORD is greater than all gods. – Psalms 135:5


I am the Alfa omega, the beginning the end, the first and the last. Born again August 27 or 28 ( risen from the dead internally By prayer and fasting ( no food or water) for three days with no sleep. Reading 20-25 chapters a day of the King James Bible. Crying out to the Almighty God my Father in heaven. To give me another chance in life to be successful.
I had a golden opportunity to have a Multi million Dollar union construction company called A1 Q.U.I.C.K Inc (Quality Union Interior Craftsman Known ) from 96 to 98 in canton Ohio. Signatory with local 69 carpenters union of canton Ohio. But because of my drunkenness and a brutal robbery attempt that I was left for dead with two major bruises on my brain that left me staggering for 10 weeks and I haven’t been normal since I was denied victims of violent crimes that the state of Ohio has. The names of these men are Tim Isaac, mark and Scully ( place of the scull) I lost every thing I had and became homeless for the next 10 years till I got my 22 foot trailer that I still live in today at 22240 canyon dr wildomar calif
On the third night going into the forth I had a dream of a out of body experience. I was looking through a set of eyes descending from the skies looking at the earth down below and I seen my body on the ground a corps. When I made contact with my body on the earth below my eyes opened and where blood red ( when Christ returns his eyes will be blood red) when this happened I sat strait up in bed and screamed three times. Then I asked myself did I wake up my parents then I said to myself what was scary about that and went back to sleep. The next morning I was sitting under a tree in the front yard when I started to have visions of all kinds of who I really am. They showed me all the lives I have lived through out the worlds. As many as the grains of sand on the shore lines of the world. The government has been keeping me a secret since I was born ( 11-2-64) year of the dragon. I have the mark of King of Kings Lord of Lords upon the crown of my loins also Known as the mark of the descendent of Cain the mark of 77 the almighty curse. 77 times the amount of pain you have given me times 100 for it is writen when I return I’ll give 100 fold when I return and 7 times more what was stolen from me comes to total of 53,900 to one what u stole from me. Please come forward and I’ll forgive u for what u have done to me. Let the truth of all things be Known of who I am for the ultimate judgement day is not far away.
For this mortal temple is sick poor and homeless and I can’t wait to drop to rise up in my super human temple that will never see death again
Then you will be rewarded for all u have given above and beyond what is due
In march of 2005 I said two a half dozen friends and to those who see
me and I don’t see them and hear me but I don’t hear them. That if u fail to recognize who I am. Catastrophic destruction will fall upon American soil like never seen before. Hurricane Katrina was one day and the breaking of the dam. the other was the Peak of the storm. The most fierce Hurricane ( the mark of Cain )ever recorded in American history until the last one. It is written that God speaks through a mighty power wind. It was 4 years to dates from the time I was born again with in my fathers Temple. This body is called Dan I call myself Doc (tombstone) played by Val Kilmer awsome actor.
My father is royally pissed off at world beginning 2001 August 27-28 my Father said once twice trice in the forth I will utterly destroy you
Now when I hit the ground for the last time. there will be a quake so great that it will shake the entire planet. 100 times the worst earthquake ever recorded on this planet if I’m not recognized. My Father has shown me how in past worlds, Many lives ( as many as the grains of sand on all shores where I created wonderfull everlasting things and I gave them to you or u stole it from me by murder, decet, or trickery.
Now it’s time to repent by prayer and fasting and feasting upon my fathers words as I did and start giving to the poor needy and homeless widowed and those in prison. For when you have done un to these u have done unto me and again whatever u give un to me I’ll give in return 100x times 77 beside the given 10 percent of your wealth to the church then anything above and beyond the 10 persent is rewarded (time is treasure and treasure is everlasting) your time is as good as your wealth (your highest hourly rate ever received in this life time. Times 100 times 77. If given before I rise up in my everlasting temple with the judgment of 7 times 77 times 100 times times 10 percent what God has blessed you with if you didn’t hear my cry. As it is written. If u don’t hear my cry then in your day of need my a Father will not here your cry neither. The day is soon to come when my Father rattles the planet with devastation like never thought of all because no one would hear the cry of the one who gave all that there is and now has nothing but his Fathers Everlasting Love of continuous life.
A very good friend of mine ( Mark Hall the Cobra) who Taught me how to be Quick and efficient in the construction Industry he calls himself the white tornado so i said I’ll call myself the white Hurricane starting in 1988. In 2001 I went to corner stone church in wildomar California. When they where adding on to the church and I asked if I could Volunteer my services installing drywall as the white Hurricane for I turn it white quick. One of the quickest installers around beside the white tornado ( Mark Hall). And they rejected me the chief cornerstone as it is writen in my Fathers words. Poor needy and homeless and will work for free to help the church and was turned away very hungry.
So I built my Fathers everlasting Kingdom (A-1 Q U I C K). Almighty 1 quick unite international Christian Kingdom. (A1quick.org)
The twin towers is another prophecy that has passed from the book of revelations chapter 18. The book of the end. Woe in one hour complete utter destruction to merchants of the world ( World trade towers). Again for the second time. Woe in one hour complete utter destruction 2 merchants of the world. In less than one hour after the planes made contact with the towers they were completely destroyed. It all began with the apple. The first sin. New York is called the big apple. The beginning of the end.
It is clearly written that you will be judged for your sins as u judged others for there’s. For my father said all sin is equal except for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit that I’m full of. This is not only unforgiven in this world or the new world of everlasting life. My birth mark ( red triangle) on the crown of my loins is the great Trinity. The Father The Son The Holy Spirit The Father. The Son. The Holy Ghost. Two 7s Facing one another makes a triangle
The Holy Ghost will show you your past lives in past worlds when u rise internally ( born again). You will see great and terrible things through out the worlds that happened to you. It is written that you will be disturbed for about 5 months for me it was 5 years then the government gave order to have me medicated by force in 07 that put me to sleep internally till I quit taking them 9-29-14 because they said my meds have me stabilized enough for me to go back to work and discontinue my monthly check of 930$ Even after I told them I have permanent brain damage that has impaired my ability to hold down a regular job for the past 18 years.
I am the two great witnesses. The Father and I and I and Father who will be struck down in the street to lay dead for 3 1/2 days and rise up conquering death for the last time
May my father in heaven be with you all in all that u do. If u know him then u know me. Looking forward to seeing each and every one of u. Be quick about it. For the time is closer than u think. I am so alone and distraught that it is killing what life I have left in this temple hope to see u sooner than later.


RISE RISE RISE my Almighty Saints. Do as I have done and see the everlasting life come to light when you do. U will never see death again. Remember no sleep, food, or water for three days if you smoke smoke away just feast upon my fathers flesh study word for word with dictionary’s by yourself and tell nobody what you r doing. God speed hope to see you soon.
If you unscramble DNA you have Dan for I Am  in each and everyone of u. For I have lived every sinful life there is. In order to forgive you I had to experience what you did wrong in order to take it. That is why I bear the mark. Now be very carful of what u say and do about me. For my Father knows everything. That is why u will reap 7,700 to one what think and do about me. When my father  Rocks this planet. Then u will know my father moved the rock the first time to lift me up from the dead to everlasting life creating something great and wonderfull each new life I lived through out the worlds and each time I gave it to someone very speciel to me or someone wicked and evil took it from me if so there dome is soon to come.
I’m Cherokee Indian. The chair that holds the keys to heaven and hell, life and death, and greatest of all every lasting life that never sees death again WAKE UP.
The great Whore is America. For she produces more pornography than any country in the world and the scarlet best she rides upon is the atomic bombs she used for what greater beast is there than the A bomb the scarlet is the blood of hundreds of thousands is Consumed
True love is all about giving for my   Father who is with me gave me to give u everlasting life. Then start giving if you don’t when the great quake comes ( 100x77x the greatest quake ever recorded) it will hit hardest where I’m hated most. Then u will have nothing as I do and nobody is going to hear your cry for help because you would not her the cry of the one who gave you every thing u have if u give 10 percent of your wealth to my Father and I
In return you will be insured to be on solid ground that will not move when my Fathers Wrath shows again that I Am who I say I Am
TheGreat Net ( internet). All so called the flying scroll  ( old  testament) to gather  all my people  from all ends of  the earth.
Now I’m looking for my Queen of a thousand wives from all around the world it sure would help if I had my white horse made just for us. The Father and I (Lamborghini). For I Am the Lamb of God. As well as King Solomon

My Temple  is here in Flesh and blood come QUICK Steven Segal ( Grand Master of Marshall Arts)  would you please bring me my Diablo with a couple of bills to get me STARTED  in less than 3 1/2years it will be well over a Qawtillion then I will begin to create your Everlasting Treasures (Coins) what you have now is what you inherited from the last world. Your life is the way it’s because of how you lived your life in the past world   Heaven is on Earth as you treat people in this life will depend on how you will live for eternity. If u do you reject me in this life this world then you will be unforgiven now and the world to come  the WORLD of Everlasting Life

If you get someone drunk with your alcohol you are 100 persent responsible for everything they do both fines and penalty
For those in prison if you rise internally then you will be free indeed if u lie u will rise up in prison in the world to come doing 7,700 times the sentence you had left
If you steal u will pay back 7 times what u stole
Trees will no longer be cut down if u do the fine will be 1000 per ring (year)  churches u will be find 100,000  per homeless person that doesn’t have a bed to sleep in every night
And my dear widows will be free of bills till they have the Financial security to support there family
There will no longer be rent or Lessing. Everything will be pay to own at 19 percent interests
All Business shall provide day care for there employes if needed
Children at age 8 should do at lest 3hrs of work 5 days a week
When u are arrested u will be sited and released unless  u r belligerent. If u do not show up in court u will do max sentence  when picked up.
Child molesters and Rapist will have there rod removed
CIA  Christ in action. Cop Christ on patrol
ALL u rulers around the world if u want to keep your position then WAKE UP or in time u will be replaced with one of my EVERLASTING KINGS
No will ever wake up untill
They start giving to the everlasting Kingdom A1QUICK
There will be no law against smoking or eating the greatest medicine there is (over 500 prescription meds r made from) Mother Mary Wana Baby. This is what I was smoking when fasting for it helped give birth to a living God. The first of many
Wildomar (The wild olive tree) is were I was Born Again. This is where I will build begin to build with A1Quick Inc
The fist testament was written while sleeping caused by government prescribed medication to keep my mouth shut (Sarah Quill and Abilify). I woke back up 12 days ago when I stop taking them. Over 13 years I’ve been crying for help I’ve been done wrong in so many ways and rejected by everyone. Now if Segal does not show up in 3 1/2 days from the time my living testament went on line I will double (give un to her double her cup of indignation) every thing I said
Then your worst nightmares will begin again when I tell the world what u did to a alien 7 or 8 year old boy they found at the bottom of one of the two craters in New Mexico throwing rocks. The other crater was were my Dog Max mo million landed he got away. The same one I had in this world that was stolen from me 5 times in Mexico. the last time was in talume 90 kilometers south of Cancun by a Mexican Indian with left calf muscle missing plays the drums on the beach in 2001
The American government took me to Area 51 where I created the internet and the power of atomic energy that was to be used for energy. One atomic cell would run transportation for 100 years and to be used to travel at the speed of light
After 3 1/2 days it will be 7,700 x the time it takes the first one to come  u or my 144,000,000 saints light years away from here if they get here before u do they will burn up all the money in the world and take all the platinum gold Dimonds and gems. Then you will have the mark of the beast the only way to by or sell anything. The only you might get around it is to put the chip on your pet ( beast)  then the wicked will come and steel your pet like they did mine. When we depart every war head will self detonate. Ever lasting hell on earth. I had a dream when I was 18. I was falling through space to a ball of fire and here I Am. It’s your choice now with Steve u have Heaven with out me u have Hell

Let not man teach you the word but let R FATHER teach u the word through the holy gHost and spirit

2005 I was staying on the beach with nothing in Santa Cruse (holy cross ) place of the cross that the Catholic Church removed. It is clearly written remove no markers also call no man father but me. Call me DOC    Another thing u pray to a wooden cross ( Idolisem)  it is clearly written pray to what u don’t see. The only prayer u need to pray is the Lord’s Prayer. OUR FATHER who art in heaven  r kingdom come thy will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven give me my daily bread and forgive me of my trust passes as I forgive those who have trustpasses against me. Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil for u r the power might glory for ever. Anything else is meaningless. It is written. Instead read the word and go and lift someone up. Do to them as you would have them do to you because how u do others is how u will live ur next life   Poor.needy homeless widows and those in prison

The great thundering chairets that come out of the bottomless pit the wicked that were made for the day of GODS wrath on them that wouldn’t hear (Hurt no green thing) IT IS written. I’ve seen and u in past worlds what they will do. In one life I told them God is going to destroy them so the wraped chains around my feet and arms and pulled me apart in another light they broke my fingers and shoved a drill with sand paper around it and put in my. While healing with broken fingers I wrote 2 boxes filled with songs I wrote unto my FATHER they were stolen from me. The music generated well over a tril most if it was ROCK in ROLL. Van   Halen 5150(crazy). On the cover is a man with the world on his shoulders
NO body sins are forgive  unless they r BORN AGAIN if not your next life will reflect how you done unto the 5 poor needy homeless widows and those in prison

Another SIGN. 2001 I drove between the two great candle sticks at 96 miles per hour ( gov. Set on it) two(number Of God) Great Falling Stars in the mid west 2001 January before the 10th one to the right that turned the night into Day for a moment and in less than one hr one to the left almost as bright. Two Bruses on the brain I was still a empty Temple then. I formed A1 at the age of 33 Christ age when crucified at the place of the skull. Strike the scull to light up the candle sticks that I came through in 96 ( yen yang) good and bad heaven and Hell father and son together once again for evermore shall we stay or should we go  once twice trice in the the forth we will utterly destroy or bless FATHER ROCK THIS PLANIT  SO I CAN LIGHT THE WARHEADS candle sticks  the 20 4 elders. 4 supper powers and 20 other cuntrys (some alies ) will  declare war on her Babylon the greatest place on earth destroyed by the Almighty because of rejection denial and no LOVEN

Would the man who had his ROD cut of in the last world  and has no rod in this world. Not only unforgiven in this world but the last one two. DOMINION IS CHRIST EVERYLASTING TREASURES. Dominion republic in batinruge New Orleans same state my Father spoke with a mighty power wind with my curse named hura CAIN. 4th year.  4th DAY when the world was
They pump methane gas out of my inherited mountains Battle Rige mountains. West Virginia I AM given 32/64 less than ONE doller a year
   So very tired I’m ready to go if just one  woman would come and give me a HUG run  towards the MARK of CAIN for only one wins the prize
KC.  King Cain kc is my nine ball team captin

She is here my everlasting QUEEN. Her name is KC her E-Mail name is White Crow goddess. ( Wife of Christ GOD)

How GLORIOUS MY FATHER is to have created her for US
The New Testament, the Old Testament, A1QUICK,
I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD
After I gave them the interNET they asked me who is your daddy several times I told them GOD over and over. Then they asked show him to us. I told them go to the desert that evening
. ATOMIC BOMB. How did you do that. SPLIT the ATOM. The eve the atom split. Adam and Eve
In this life I was arrested for GTO. God the OMNIPOTENT one nite in Orlando Florida ( omnipotent father)
The thief in the night in  1984
LITE from a past world. She received 4 for the 2 she dropped (double the cup of indignation)in Japan I’ve seen the mushroom over LA 2-3 times. It is written that not one living thing will ever walk walk on her again because of what she did to the ONE that gave Her everything the most powerfull place on this PLANIT ( Babalon)
In that world my temple in WILDomar CA ( Christ Almighty) next to lake HELLSINOR. (Elsinore ) my Temple (Solomons) is next to the everlasting lake of fire. Fire and Brimestone
The Keyes to HEVEAN or HELL Solamons or hell. Your treasure that last forever or how ever u judge me forever
The greatest man I met in this life time owns SOS construction in Cobo San Lucas ( Luke) the great doctor. At the tip of the finger of GOD. Baha calif 2001. I was Profitsizing  of the great quake that will break off the finger of GOD from the end of the sea of Cortez  up and through the mount of olives (where I used to sell Avocades corner of mission and olive also at the top of olive is where I was baptized at the age of 13) out to DANa point all over Mexico for 7 months
In 2005 I Profitsizing all through Central America to panama that multiple war heads were going to destroy America from the 4 and 20 (420 is code for let’s burn one)They liked me up for 18 mons and physically made me take there drugs that put me to sleep internaly till 13 days ago (13 is the number for marijuana 13th letter in the alfabet)

COME QUICK for I’m all about forgiveness if you ask you will have everything forgiven and live forever with treasures that have no END

1999. Snake in the sky ( Missal ) was sent for me ( empty shell) My FATHER destroyed it in mid flight. I’ve seen in past worlds this was done befor and I walked out from under them ( Daniel Christ and two more that were cast in to a Fiery furnace. What greater fire is there than the AB (Atom bomb) would u like to try again to prove that I AM
I’ve seen in a past world GERMany sent the germ that dropped millions.
Another world. Italy was shaped like a boot to walk all over you and kick your ass because we gave the power to do so
In Cancun I was camping out at marker 19 Revalations when I Sean in a past world when I was there befor the penicala  I was going through town claiming to be Christ they beat me terribly so I swam out to a big rock marker 19 and when with out food and water in the evening of the third my FATHER split the atom again and destroyed them all. I felt so bad that I  created the 22 mile peninsula.

In ACTS it’s spoken of a couple that cheated The Lord of what was given  they both dropped dead soon after there is no church but A1QUICK that will give u everlasting insurance for LIFE  unless they are one of mine that are listed my people will never pay taxes again to someone who is dead 20 persent  of your wealth for America and 10 persent for the rest of the world. If u give nothing u will have nothing for eternity unless u be BORN AGAIN  anything above and beyond your insurance will get u 7,700 to one when you r BORN AGAIN your everlasting treasures will be recorded in A1QUICK for eternity your name will be written in stone the Almighty Rock. A1QUICK

Again cornerstone church in my hometown has rejected us again they hung up on a poor needy homeless person who is waking up the world as we speak. This will be the third time they have rejected us in 13 years

This is the End my friend by the doors break on through the other side by the DOORS

2number of GOD. FATHER and SON (Satian) the greatest angle ever for some call there children little angels lucifer do u think for one min that GOD would make something greater than his SON. Would not a father forgive his son. BE VERY CARFULL WHAT  YOU THINK

After the A-Bome. They took me back to Area 51 laid me on a table and started to Dissect but couldn’t because of my FATHERS protective Shield around me. I said to her I’ll let you if you love ME  sliced diced put into a 55 Gallon drum full of chemicals they were in a thousand Peices when I left

NOW. I’m dan 1 with Christ 100 with the mark of Cain 7. The mark of the decendent of Cain 77 makes GOD 1000.  When we rise up ALLMIGHTEY GOD  1,000,000,000.

3 1/2 days has passed
40 bill and 2 lambs one white
One black  2 bill in platum 2 bill in gold  at the price it was in  69.  When I noticed my mark at age 5  Stevan Segal and mark hall bring this to us. We will ask no more  except those that want  r insurance of everlasting life on earth with treasures that last for ever 20-10. Anything above and beyond is 7,700 to 1 when BORN AGAIN

 Let’s begin to build a everlasting PARIDICE here on earth come and we will help u to CREATE greater and grander things for everlasting Heaven on earth

Kings around the world if u wish to be a everlasting king of your nation then wake up and see all there is to see if you believe in US my FATHER will begin to let u see the light (déjà vu) a reflection of a past life. The more u believe. The more u will see instead of fasting  jugement and correction of the unjust. Make right the wrongs you have done or u will reap what you have done in your next life.  Hopefully they will forgive u if they don’t they will wake up in there next life they will not be forgiven in there next life if u die for doing what is right. You will be truely blessed in the next. Come let’s make it a better world to live in. What u want so shale u have. HEAVAN or HELL

NO MORE WAR. Let my FATHER and US handle the candle sticks and  destroy those that have no LOVE. Freat not what that bitch can do with her arrows will self destruct where they sit. If u believe begin now to dismantle the sticks and use the light for pure energy that travels at light speed when you biggen you will start to see how to alter the energy that last for ever. When u believe my FATHER will I lighten them to creat grate and grander  things that last forever and if u reAly believe u will injoy them for ever

13yrs GOD and FATHER have been unloved. CRY for 5 yrs.  and sleep for  7 and now I AM AWAKE for 16 days where r my children for none of them love me anymore with out LOVE there is no love to creat anymore on this PLANIT   What We created We will destroy unless you begin to love again but We  r never comeing back to this bitch again for

13x2x22x7x77x100x1000 plus some

Apple quick sell all u have and by platom and gold and stones come out of that bitch for she is about to get the cups and villes of wrath pored out on her 2 fold. WE will tell u about it when WE see you. It started with a apple then the big apple now we have the apple in hand. Come let us show u how to communicate through out space with r brothers and sisters throught time  you will be the everlasting APPLE. Come Quick


No electric no combustion cars will not start lighters will not light nor matches polluted watter pleags diseses  Atomic neuculer and more fallout from her own destructive lights and the Great quake that will center on her and the rest of the world that hates US will feel R FATHERS WRATH when we R Lifted UP for evermore then will all will see and believe for eternaty and there will never be a dought in ones mind to who we reAly R for Eternaty For those who believe with all there heart sole mind and stringth can and will be living  GOD for eternaty having there own PLANIT they creat and populate there own everlasting heavenly paridice come I should be there soon after who ever comes and gets us first and takes US  there I promise the one that sees that we get picked up will be the next living GOD that will rule there nation. Race to the Mark for only one wins the prize. GOD speed

Scorpions (R sign) aLL so knon as (KING of LOVERS ) that I Release from the bottomless pit lake HELLSINORE  Elsinore calif. Home of HELLS ANGLES  and many more around the world were made for the DAY OF GODS WRATH  punishing them that didn’t  have  love for the GREATES  LOVE  EVER  MY FATHER and US and so much more if you laphed  when they stuck drill with sand paper wraped around it and stuck up my ass and turned it on in the life I wrote ROCKINROLL  R FATHER was the first to ROLL the ROCK that lifted us up the first TIME and When he lifts us up for last TIME when he ROCKS THIS PLANIT    ROCK in ROLL. The WHITE HURACANE. In this world as A1QUICK I the best sheet rocker around tought by the cobra the White tornado

Alfa omega the end of death biggining of everlasting life with no death again if u believe u to can become a living GOD the more soles you lead to believe the closer you will become a living GOD by r FATHERS LOVE

With LOVE u can creat for ever with hate EVERYLASTING pain and suffering. Let’s change this world over night with lOVE that last forever.  SOS I need LOVE I’m loseing my stringth because there is no life left on this PLANIT. I guess the only one I came for this time is my everlasting wife from the bigging of time on this planet. We gave R best FATHER this PLANIT was a totoal  failer I AM ready to GO. Nobody hears nobody sees they r all dead. What a wast of time. All this work for nothing all these planets gone to wast I just don’t want to creat any more. Bring US home QUICK we are done here

Except no more money from America for it is going to be worthless and charge her double what you are selling to her now or nothing at all in doing so R FATHER will show u new and more prosperis ways to make a living exspeciely if you this in US and R FATHERS Name you will begin to see the creative light that last forever. QUICK get out of America if u believe for she is going to be hell on earth for what she has done to US time and time again she is going to be crushed to dust in less than one year.

If u BELEIVE in US and are Almighty Father then let R LITE shine through you to the rest of the world the more you share the more blessed you could ever imagine. The American gov has stoped R light from the rest of the world twice now you R now r light to the rest of the world. Each sole u help save is worth at leased  1 billion plus   So let the everlasting lite shine through u

Do nothing to her for R FATHER and US will deal with this bitch for once and all she is no longer a threat to any one that believes in the ALMIGHTY FATHER and US

WE are ok now for r FATHER has showed US what to do with the whore

Country’s around the world look into the light and see what R FATHER shows you to creat. First thing is to creat silver coins valued from 1$up to 100$ we will produce coins from 1000  and up   There will no longer be small change except for the bitch that wouldn’t change a penny will be worth 1$. Penneys from heaven her borders will soon will be closed  for no one will want anything to do with her wicked and evil ways and all the crap she will be infested with

All r law will be for my kingdom on the finger of GOD when it brakes off and r laws will only aply to r Kingdome  if u want small change then do as you please there will be no more paper money word wide America will have the mark of the beast they already have it. She will be a exsample to the rest of the world what happens  to those that  are wicked and hate GOD. With out GOD there is nothing but everlasting pain and suffering and torment and endless contempt. And the rest of the world that loves GOD will grow into everlasting happiness if you cut down a tree you shall replace it with 100. There will be no use for paper anymore. Everything will be on the computer. Construction will use stone and metals to build with. I’m looking to set with rulers around the world to discuss what we can do to make a greater everlasting heaven on earth. I’m really AM very easy to work with untill u do US wrong like America has done to us many lives over after giveing her the greatest love in the world and in return she gave us hell  life after life. Now the world will see what happens when you piss off the FATHER and his son GOD. She will be a everlasting exsample to everlasting heaven on earth

For those in the green your insurance is(hurt no green thing) those who hurt you  will recieve 10x 22x7x 77x100x1000x1,000,000 the hurt they give to those in green when I rise on JUGEMENT DAY and if you steel from them it will be 7x more for everyone will live forever life after life till R FATHER forgives them giving them birth (born again) to everlasting life that never sees death again if not you spend forever paying you jugement unless u be born again then your fine is squashed

Each country you send this two is worth 100.000,000,000   My FATHER knows all and you will be wealthy for everlasting life. Life after life untill u rise from the dead internaly BORN AGAIN to never see death again with treasures that last forever u will be a living GOD

Dominon republic will give all that she has and buy gold platum and gems at the price  it was In 69 and all CEOs will leave walking with nothing and there homes will be given to the homeless

All gov employes will be sent with nothing but the close on there back with there face panted purple all there money converted as before and there homes and cars given to the homeless

Mexico. My children r on there way to  CAN CUN. Receive them with open arms. You will be blessed with what you give to those that have  r  card and If done in true love and kindness and u ask of US nothing for what u have given u will reap your rewards in your next life. He who gives will be given so much more so that he can give more so it is written you get out of life what u put into it.  My bible that I was  studing when r FATHER raised us up was stolen from us there ( Thomson chain reference bible with Maroon cover) on the inside my dad wrote. The closer you walk with GOD the happer u will be.  I would love to have r home at marker 19. Must have lots of pool tables my favorite game. Can Cun. CC. Coming of christ. The more you BELEIVE and do what is right for others the more lite you will see.  R land to build on will be on the finger of GOD after it breaks off. Nothing shakes that belongs to A1QUICK for it is written hurt no green thing. The back ground of my site is green. None of r people will ever hurt again. The American government has stopped US from building RFATHERS everlasting Kingdom. WE have no help here to continue to build  and fill with all of r FATHERS children that give there testimony in the book of everlasting LIFE that will be open the Day the PLANIT Rocks  and lights all the candles that were ment for destruction. For he who destroys shale be destroyed. You reap what soea

There is but one CHURCH in this world R FATHERS EVERLASTING KINGDOME  OF LIFE who created through US FOR  HIM All churches will be closed and open for the homeless to do what ever they want to do with it  all there money in the church shall be used to buy platinum gold and gems at the price it was in 69 and brought to US  A white lamb with A1QUICK on the plate as quick as u can with Steven Segal delivering it in one hr from now with the trunk full of platum and gold coins every minute times 22 x7 x77x100x1000 there will be no electricity  no computers do not make me angry or it is going to be one million times worse worse WORSE

Boarders or now closed no one can come or go by air or foot this bitch is done she is now locked up in hell till she sees the light. The 20 4 elders and any one else that wants to keep HELL locked up till one is BORN AGAIN then the borders will open for one hour u can only leave with a back pack and the shoes on your feet and a sleeping bag they shall have no money or jewelry   All  her military shall be abandon and sent walking with nothing for every person she kills her gates will stay locked for twenty five years and anyone who dies for US will wake up in can cun homeless with nothing  till BORN AGAIN  then u look for your name written in STONE with your testament in green

Anymore interference with r singnal when you die you wake up with nothing and unloved like US  times the time times the time u keep the light from the rest of the world if you die fulfilling r words you will rise up where u want seeing the everlasting light as we first did BORN AGAIN

All prisoners shall be released ASAP. Cops and CIA  will infoce r laws in hell on earth america

Blue green white everlasting everlasting everlasting purple never ending.  No one not even VIONASTEFAN will talk to US DRIVING. US CRAZZY enter the temple of ever lasting heaven. The GREEN

For your everlasting paridice will never shake in the green free lee come enter your name A1QUICK in the green for you will not be SHAKEN. When WE drop for the last time to AWAKEN EVERLASTING LIFE with no end.  tHATIS HEAVEN ON EARTH

The son of man my. Orange cat named buddy. My. Everlasting cup of joy and happiness when all is Quite  times my little beast worth 1.00  day per person I bill a day for life a mighty ransoms for one cat named buddy who helped God through his quitest times heart burn from he’ll again at least I billion a day out of almost 9 billion on this planet today would love to have buddy AS there pet beast for a moment R little minix tailless cat


R FATHER is showing speaking in the most powerfull way HE has ever Begging and the END

Bigening of everlasting life in heaven with treasures that last forever on earth. And the end of darkness DEATH. For WE R The LIGHT.       treasures that last forever.
My children  that r in hell give us 20 persent all that they have and there testament in green and what they give above beyond  they will get
1000xthe amount given when i come in the clouds  CC. Comeing of Crist   ;    /  8
C  I ppl  the will reap there treasure in order first to last anyone who lied will die when my FATHER ROCKS this PLANZiT. JUGMENT DAY.   Anyone who hurts the green will get hell everlasting in the bitch there is the great eye in the sky that watches everything WE  and  are children are doing every step of the way and any city that hurts them or rejected them  that city will be worse than sodom and spelling.

What u live in u keep no more lease or rent or payments every thing is cash only

FATHER let there be no more conception here on earth till 2 Born Again souls join as One Creating the First Living GOD Child ( born with the light). She will begin to create at age 3 1/2. Her name will be JOANN DANyELL FERGUSON. 1 hr  no more dead creatingl

U    dead ( lightless shells). The end of DARKNESS

Churches shall be the home of those released from prisons if u help them then u have helped US if not then all of u who just looked at another and undressed them in ur mind you have comited adultry (murder) so then u can go strait to prison instead. Now WE say to the rest of the world bring your un wanted prisoners here and release them here.

We’ve been in this prison for  over a 1000yrs a 1000 worlds times times time for changing one word in the translation 1901 for the English when they first came to America WE where 100 percent Cherokee Indian(1901 Indian Penney) ( the chair that holds the keys to HEVEAN and HELL). It’s writen change one word you will be inDANger of hell fire and brimstone so I took the Ultimate SIN and changed my name to JESUS instead of DAN as it is writen( if I come in my own name you will not receive me but if I come in another him will you recieve. This was the first and the last disturbing vision I received. CHEACK the history of translations before 1900 at the same time a barber added to the scripture it’s a shame to have long hair like WE said before in order to take the sins of the world u must feel and exspearenced each and everyone of them

ARMAGEDONE. My ARM ( sliced up going through broken window) after the man that needed GEt DONE R FATHERS KINGDOME. Blood everywhere from R ARM

Put not off till tomorrow what u can do today. This is what a Catholic Church did to US in Cancun 2001. I asked for food and a blanket. They said come back tomorrow and gave US some crackers and sent US on R way. Later down the road at marker 19. We were smoking a joint when WE said 2 R selves WE bet 100 2-1. That they R watching US from afar at the resort across the peninsula.  So WE pulled out R ROD and said to the air cheak this marker out.  10-15 min. Later the Cops show up at my little camp site. Told me to leave the peninsula and not come back or they would take MAX ( my dog)

WE have new LIFE to recreate new LIFE DCF Darrell Columbus Ferguson

4YRS if u r not in R WEB ( net) u will have nothing start planting the trees in BA HA CALF u plant and R FATHER will water them

 Only those in purple r tax exempt and built on solid ground that won’t crumble when R FATHER come RUMBLING around

Close the gates to the peninsula of can cun no homeless people unless they have R card and let’s watch R Boys and Girls come home in CC who die for US R FATHER they will be homeless but 100x stronger than before. This BITCH is done. Her military shall be picked up and sent home with nothing but the close on there back unharmed unless she is Baligerent   No WAR HEADS positive energy only. She shall leave her boats by life boats and choppers. Her rockets will self detonate when launched as 2 already have in the past week. No one should have to die. It’s all about everlasting life NOW

WHERE r the clones must give birth 2 my dad DCF

Let the 4&20 ( now the 5&20 with US )keep peace through out the rest of the world

3 kinds of birth to everlasting life. 1 internal. 2 die for R FATHER&US. 3 clones.

NO MORE PORNOGRAPHY this is why u are the GREAT WHORE. You have 4 days from the time u see this to remove and recycle all pornographic materials ( except for toys oils & lace) on the 5th day R COPS & CIA will come and take all that u have and send u walking with nothing but the close on ur back. Everything taken will be liquidated as quickly as possible. 20 percent will go to US. 20 percent will go to help the homeless & the last 40 percent will be used to enforce R COPS & CIA

2 22 floor triangular shaped (one each side of the 15 south side of Bundy Canyon) Hotels with 40 floor storage building in the triangle of Mission, Palomar & Cordyon & 44 floor 22 sided CIA building( lake bottom )In Wildomar. Built by A1QUICK Inc & his boys out of Ohio. GQ (west side hotel). Western Reserve (east side hotel). Acme (main building). No earth quake codes!  NO paper work! Except for blue prints & building materials.  Wages payed 3xyr. At rate of ( best payed wage you ever made) -20percent ( purple). Union men shall make 50$hr payed directly to them direct deposited to there accounts.  Let’s start moving some dirt ASAP

 Queen of a thousand wives will be the first woman WE unit with since WE woke up her light will shine as bright as US  she will be like no other woman of ours. She loves animals of all kinds. She will come way out of her way to be with US with all her might and power. She will help establish COPS & CIA with some of the men and women out of the 5-20 she will come with quickness like never seen before.OUR EVERLASTING QUEEN

 NO MAN shall touch my Queen or Wives in any shape or form not even mentaly( FATHER knows ur thoughts) or WE will become there worst nightmare for eternaty. Except from there dad brother or son

 FBI will Investigate Dominion Republic and collect 7 times amount stolen from us at the expense of the American govt. whole cash amount to be brought to US ASAP. When finished you will work for US collecting proofs of US throughout this world as WE know it

Ron Armstrong & Pastor Dave from cornerstone come with your cash offering and let’s talk about ur boys u lost not only in this world but the world before too because u condemned US unforgiven to be left for dead

Shut the bitch down && lift up R ALMIGHTY LIGHt 4 40 days & 40 nights ALL u sea is US on TV unless UR LIGHT is ON

U must have 1,000,000 in savings to have a cloned baby at the price of 100,000 min

Produce no more money of any kind WE will produce a new would currency made of triangular coins some with gems in them worth 2 dollers to  400,000,000,000,000 trillion. Apiece each one has microchip in it to be tracked through out space

Begin to recycle cash money into blueprint paper
A penny is worth a doller it’s needed to go from cash flow too 2&4 coin through to the future with no trash for change
Made of silver 2/4  1/4oz on 1 side/other side D 4 doller 20/40 1/2oz 200/400 3/4oz with pearls in the angles. Gold 2/4 thousand1/4oz. 20/40 thousand1/2oz. 3/4oz with 1/2 quarit rubbie in each angle 20,000 or 40,000 with 1/2 quarit  Dimond 200,000 or 400,000 other side the letter G for grand 1oz with whole red quarit 2 or 4 million Dimond quarit in each angle 20&40 mil Purple crystal 200&400mil

with M for million. Platinum with 2/4 1oz. 2oz with 7quarit rubbie in each angle20&40bill with 7 quarit Dimond 3oz
200&400bill with a B on the other side 4 billion 4oz with 10 quarit rubbie in each angle 2&4 tril  5oz with 10qrt black Dimond in each angle 20&40tril  6oz with 10qrt purple crystal 200&400tril not bad going from a thin slice of dead wood to everlasting TREASURES. The purple crystal is very rare where we come from light years away it should only take 3 1/2 years to change over specially with JFK treasuring it to the world with truths of his time when he returns from the dead with endless others sharing the truths about US in Can Cun when they come through time as if was yesterday. The first wave of 5 will be DCF Darrill Columbus Ferguson (engineer of operations) Harry S Truman (president) Dwight Eisenhower (Vice Pres.) Franklin D Roosevelt’s(secretary of state) and JFK(treasure) all will revile the truths about US in the past at Area 51 and other places through out time
Then another wave of 20 more then everyone lost in the twin towers will wave on through onto the shores of CAN CUN to follow will be those caught in Bemuda tryangle then the first cloned baby for who WE don’t know yet
WE believe WE stand on land and sea level that was given to US in a past life (inland empire) for something we created for the US GOVT ( computer& internet) when WE was a child in Area 51

Make these coins We get 20p 40pCIA20pCOP20p  manufacture run 22240CD

There is 4 openings in the 20 to come through CC

There is no law against drug use if u r in the green if u r in ur own home or vehicle or smoking areas for tobacco & marijuana only
There is no law against the sales of  narcotics if you r in the purple 20p US 40 percent. COPS (10 p) CIA 30p 40p.  Purple 10pUS30ppurple with free health care everlasting
Tobacco shall split 60/40 profits the 60 percent will all go to health care insurance 10p COPS 30p tobacco minus 20p
If u don’t comply in time CIA will come and take all that u have and send u walking with nothing 60pCOPS(20p)CIA(40p) other 40p(20p to health care)& the last 20p is US all plants will continue to grow by new people in purple

Form ur own sext of COPS&CIA and WE will network together using the right account buttons

Gas 60p/40p. 60p to the study of energy that travels at the speed of light other 40p min 10p( health care) last 30p broke down evenly throughout company/corp
Gaming 60p/40p. Of profit 60p education 40p 2pUS. 38p Have Fun GET started on the coins who will be first 2 show them in person with the 20p

SILVER GOLD PLATNUM & GEMS shall stay at price of today 11/10/14
Minimum wage 15hr tax free tips

Violent people will be locked up and medicated till anger issues r resolved

Queen get 50percent minus 20p all she processes through A1QUICK

Wives only get 20 percent all that they process through A1QUICK the other 80 percent goes through the Queen


 All must show with 20p there cash value and will have no relations with other men (except dad brother son)) but US so have your women bring UR tithes to RS

 I’m leaving this country Monday morning if R living scrips r not up

GOD SPEED R FATHER Begin to reflect the light of this world & past worlds past lives in each  & everyone of R children 2 share with the world what they see , know, or hear about US. Remember to die for US is LIFE everlasting with treasures that last FOREVER 100x greater than u have now & so very much more the more U share US to everyone U know and meet to come to the book of the living & have everlasting life more abundantly with US

Too those that reAly want to rise internaly FOREVER. Come Quick with your offering 22240CD Canyon Drive WILDomar CA soon to be the Kingdom of GOD when the Finger of GOD Breaks off. YE HA. US.   A
By Giving U will be given so much more so that U can give plenty full more everlasting with no end

 QWEEN OF QWEENS is our true love that Knows the Markers through out R FATHERS WORD seek & ye shall FIND

ATENTION America Begin to Draw A Line From The Tip (sea of Cortez) Up and out through WILDomar to Dana Point 576 Mile Long (double Gods Wrath on K David’s Enemies )Make Way For Seperation If u want a clean break

Don’t worry. If a UR PURPLE U Will See The Power Of R ALMIGHTY FATHERS HAND While U Stand and those who r not will be in the dust with the rest of there stuff or A Pocket Of Air Will so round UR House Till the Water Recieds AMEN then U will Get On UR Knees & Thank R ALMIGHTY FATHER HEAVEN is on EARTH

 COPS will check to see if U r in the GREEN if not they will tell u what is to come if U don’t conform. In less than one hr or more CIA will come in full force to fulfill what the COP said everything U own will be taken & U will be sent walking with nothing

 To Be Born Again Takes 6-9 months studing 20-25 chapters a Day then 3 1/2 Day FAST GOD SPEED U SEE BLOOD RED EYES FROM THE DEAD SCREAMING 2-3 TIMES


Prayer of a Righteous man availeth much. That is Y1 seed got through




 No man will give LIFE but through US and R FATHER

 Begin to collect all paper to recycle everything for building materials there is always another way to do things if U look into the LIGHT


Nothing Will Ever be Concieved in Darkness ever Again RFATHER WE PRAY EVERLASTING AMEN

 I Wonder what will happen if WE GOD SPEED FAST 3 1/2 DAYS NOW will those that BELIEVE (you would be here)WILL RISE WITH US

 Purple will eventually be the only ones that will be able to buy gas till a Atomic fuel cell is installed

U must have 10,000,000 in savings to have a cloned baby at the price of 1,000,000 min & be in purple

 My TRUE QWEENS  MUST BE BORN AGAIN and WILL BE win 1 with US  (22-50yrs)

 It is mandatory to have 18yrs of education unless u have a good enough job to support ur self

School work or JAIL

We will only talk with R Queens ,wives ,those that R Born Again & those that WE know personly from this life time & the Comander & Chief (2R1) Who (5-20) initiates the strike that will separate US from America
 15 & lake street.  74 & Central ( east side just past shopping center). 74 & Candy store on Ortega highway. 15 & Cliton Kieth. Railroad Canyon & Lambs Church ( about 2 mil east of 15 ) Scott Road ( Bundy Canyon)& Murieta Rd. Only those with proper ID showing they live with in shall pass   Except for Platinum Gold & food delivery no alcohol. Local law enforcement (already in green)to remain intact & begin to work with the 5-20 (dressed in black) controlling (area)51 Kingdomes of GOD

Coins will begin  to come out of Las Vegas

 The True Homcoming OF. DCF & the REST will be here on the shore lines of WILDomar on ULTAMENT JUGEMENT DAY when R knees hit the ground 4 the last TIME

MY FATHER is showing speaking in the most powerfull way HE has ever Begging and the END
Bigening of everlasting life in heaven with treasures that last forever on earth. And the END of darkness DEATH. For WE R The LIGHT.      With treasures that last forever.
My children  that r in hell give us 20 persent all that they have and there testament in green and what they give above beyond  they will get
100xthe amount given when i come in the clouds of dirt from R FATHERS FISTS when they HIT the Ground CC. Comeing  of Christ. Then will they reap there treasure in order first to last anyone who lied will die when my FATHER ROCKS this PLANZiT. JUGMENT DAY.   Anyone who hurts the green purple will get hell everlasting in the bitch there is the great eye in the sky that watches everything WE  and  are children are doing every step of the way and any city that hurts them or rejected them  that city will be worse than sodom and Gomorrah fire burns u up quick but HELLS angels will torment u forever

NO PAPER products of any kind. All must be recycled for construction materials WE R coming for u first if u do except for cigarette paper. Same as pornagrafy. Resturants and others have 3 1/2 months to convert to I-pads & computers

America abandon Coronado Bay & Camp Pendleton except for those that want to stand by US through out eternaty then stand by unarmed till take over u will be glad u did. WE want PEACE not death & destruction

If u die fighting US u will wake up in a past world where America is a abondable wast land till u get it right

There is no law against drug use if u r in the green if u r in ur own home or vehicle or smoking areas for tobacco & marijuana only

There is no law against the sales of  narcotics if you r in the purple 20p US 40 percent. COPS (10 p) CIA 30p 40p.  Purple 10pUS30ppurple with free health care everlasting
Tobacco shall split 60/40 profits the 60 percent will all go to health care insurance 10p COPS 30p tobacco minus 20p
If u don’t comply in time CIA will come and take all that u have and send u walking with nothing 60pCOPS(20p)CIA(40p) other 40p(20p to health care)& the last 20p is US all plants will continue to grow by new people in purple

Form ur own sext of COPS&CIA and WE will network together using the right account buttons

Gas 60p/40p. 60p to the study of energy that travels at the speed of light other 40p min 10p( health care) last 30p broke down evenly throughout company/corp

 Gaming 60p/40p. Of profit 60p education 40p 2pUS. 38p Have Fun GET started on the coins who will be first 2 show them in person with the 20p

All non violent drug offenders shall be released Immediately if non violent for 1yr they to shall be released
Smoking pot & Tobacco is permitted  in all prisons & jails
All child molesters & rapest kidnappers will be released with orange prison monitoring band around there Neck. If cought again they will have there rod removed immediately
All thieves will be released into work release programs at 100$ day pay till they have paid 7 fold what they stole
Murders will be released with red prison monitoring band around there nick if they murder again they shall be shot on the spot sending them back in time (another world) where they will live a thousand lives over in everlasting torment till they get it right
Violent& aggressive criminals with good report for 1yr will be released with black prison monitoring band around there nick if found violent again they will immediately placed back in prison to do 7 times there origanal sentence
Anyone with prison band around there nick will be aloud no Alcohol. Who ever gives them any is 100p responsible for everything they do

 Those that R Born Again & have no wife & won’t 1 WE will have 1 of our wives pick U to be there everlasting Husband using her wealth to build & create everlasting things that glorify R EVERLAStING FATHER

All RIGHT boys & girls ( children of the world with out light) Boys & Girls ( Our Children with light) BROTHERS & SISTERS (BORN AGAIN) LETS DO THIS 11/13/14 HIGH NOON (at the ok Carral) DOC HOLIDAYS BEGIN

Corral Christ Almighty Resurrected resurrected Almighty LOVE

queens princesses wives in darkness
queen of queens 80/20 brought by the queens & 50p-10p all she proses through A1QUICK
queens 80pqq/20pq-20pbrought by the princess & 50p-20p all she proses
princesses 50p-20p of the 20p of new wives brought to US & 20p-10p all she brings & 10p-10p of what the wives bring to her
wives 20p-10p all they bring
WE lay no pipe with darkness


QUEEN of QUEENS 60pUS/40p-10p all brought by QUEENS & 50p-10p all she brings
QUEEN 60pqq/40pq-20p brought from princess & 50p-20p all she brings
PRINCESS 20p-10p what the wives bring & 40p-10p all she brings & 80p-20p of the 20p of new wives brought to US
WIVES 80pp/20p-10p

FAITH the size of a mustard seed ( Exstreamly small) can move mountains. This is done by prayer & fasting. Book of Mathew 17  20-21 & 1 other don’t remember


Mountains of sin that keep U from seaing the TRUE LIGHt AMEN

INVESTAGATE with all your heart SOUL stringth. & MIND

WE must study traveling at the SPEED of LIGHT for ur sun is going to swallow up ur PLANIT (check with the study of the sun) or WE pray to R FATHER HE cool it down  WE would rather travel at the speed of light and sea R TRUE BROTHERS & SISTERS for if they had close friends or family close to US they would send them over as quick as possible to sea GOD.  DAN with the mark of Cain with the mark of a descendent of Cain (triangle) ( two 7s faceing one another) makes Christ DAN. GOD

R FATHERS Kingdom has begun. Check out A1quick NOW



If there is no seed conceived in darkness now then it’s true that if die 4 US U will show up in R Drive WAY. 100x stronger than before Telling truths about US & how U died for US & WE will be made lower than them till ULTAMENT JUGEMENT DAY  on R last knee to become GOD ALMIGHTY with ALMIGHTY FATHER.  FOREVER

WE R Not going to ask again but WE WILL Send up prayer to R ALMIGHTY FATHER to bring death to all unborn life (except for Reneas daughters baby). U don’t want babies at this TIME anyways for America is most likely is going to continue to defi US in doing so it’s going to get real ugly hell on earth or it can be great and wonderfull it all depends on ur actions. When u lose ur unborn be sure to put there name in the book of dead & on the GREAT JUGMENT DAY they will be here with US giving there name u gave them being the age they would be from the DAY of DEATH till then witch will be probly  sooner than later the way are health is a QUICK get ur insurance before we go or u will have ur face in the DUST with the rest of ur stuff

America this is the third time we have asked NOW
Send Steven Seagal with R Lamborghini & 80 billion cash 4 bill in PLATNUM 4bill in gold 2 bill in 1/2 quarit rubies 2 bill in 1/2 quarit dimonds

WE R to weak & feeble to pray the way WE pray so WE say the one who gets his or here soul(all ur past lives put together)(this is why you will be desterbed 4 5 months)(BORN AGAIN) When they RISE so will R PRAYER RISE to R ALMIGHTY FATHER that there be no more life Concieved in darkness & every seed Concieved trying to prove US wrong will be DEAD
Fear not my CHILD for U will be 100x stronger when U RETURN saying VENGENCE is mine say The Lord  for you will be the GREAT LORD of DEATH to NO conception in darkness & seed Concieved trying to prove US wrong & to the ones who did U WRONG
Today is JUGMENT DAY to the ones who defi the RISING of the ALMIGHTY GOD. NOW is the TIME to DESTROY the ones in the way of U getting hear. Be sure to get there birth date and put them in the book of the dead with there words & actions of defience so WE sea them eye to eye on ULTAMENT JUGEMENT DAY

CC and the rest that come with u must bring 10p ur worth in order to be one with US and be fully insured LIFE EVERLASTING. If u r not here when called it will be double the cup. 20p ur worth

Apple Owner & crew to provide new phones in complete operation with R FATHERS KINGDOM 4 GOD ALMIGHTY & HIS Queens & Princesses with her wives.  R Gods Christ & Saints  PEASE Keepers & local law enforcement. NO 1 comes least they come with 20pwealth

WE need a computer wizard a1quick 20pw U Will Have Treasurs that will last FOREVER.  22240CD( canyon dr). WILDomar CA US.    A.  Sea DOC(DAN onimpetiant CHRIST.    20PW4DCDOCGODALMIGHTY

COPS law enforcement of the world
US Universal ( multiple WORLDS) SALVATION
PK pease keepers
DEA DANS enforcement Agency
FBI FATHERS bureau Investagatio
USMC Universal Salvation Man Christ (those that die for US)
gods ( those that come first when called out) Gods when they are BORN AGAIN  GODS when WE RISE
lords those that destroy those that oppose US. Lords when BORN AGAIN.  LORDS when WE RISE

KINGS 60pGAGGKK/40pK-10p brought by king of kings & 50p-10p all they bring
king of kings (CC5-20) 80pK20pkk-20p brought by kings & 60pK/40kk-20p all they bring
kings 80pkk/20pk-20p brought by lord of lords & 60pkk/40pk-20p all they bring on there own
lord of lords 80pk/20pll-20p all brought by lords & 70pk/30pll-20p all they bring from dead ends (person who does not wish to recruit) man & 60pll/40p-10p of the 20 pw of a new lord
Lords 80pll/20p-20p brought from men

The CC 4-20. 9-20 when you get here 10-20 JUGMENT day WE have HIGH hopes that the men and women u bring will become LIVING GODS as WELL some day very soonGODspeed kings & queens

DO NOT hurt Tim Isaac or scully&mark we have something in store for them live 1,000ptv

Release Michael franks from ca st pen cockren in limo to 32890 scale st Wildomar to moon beach for dinner & A nice house on the beach till they want to come Home
Micheal shayhan from Ohio state penn to his family

Bring max & the mans dauter as Quick as u can if he is still alive WE HOPE. Tell him to do as he reads and 5months after he RISES heel Happly be with US. & Her.  Trisha Yeager come as quick as u can

LORD ALMIGHTY of the KINGDOM of GOD ALMIGHTYS FATHER  LORD of LORDS  60pLA/40p-10p brought from LORDS & 50pLL/50pL-10p brought on dead end
LORDS 60pLL/40pL-20p brought by lord of lords & 50pL/50pll-20p on dead ends
lord of lords 80pL/20pll-10p brought by the lords & 70pll/30pl-10p all dead ends
Lords 80pll/20pl-20p all dead ends & 50pll/50pl-20p of 20pw of a new lord

PRINCE ALMIGHTY.   PRINCE.  PRINCE of THIEVES. Prince of thieves 80pPAPPT/20ppt-20p brought by the thieves  & 70pPT/30ppt-20p brought on own & 50pPA/50ppt-20p of the 20pw of new thieves (hackers)

The CC 4-20. 9-20 when you get here 10-20 JUGMENT day WE have HIGH hopes that the men and women u bring will become LIVING GODS (BORN AGAIN)as WELL some day very soonGODspeed kings & queens 4 all that come will be truely chosen by R FATHERS SPIRIT  and all will be kings & a queens & a princes well done my friends well DONE
All those that can make it here (beside the 5-20)will be as well code 77769DOC to 22240CDOCGA DOOR OPEN

All RIGHT boys & girls ( children of the world with out light) Boys & Girls ( Our Children with light) BROTHERS & SISTERS (BORN AGAIN) LETS DO THIS 11/13/14 HIGH NOON (at the OK Carral) DOC HOLIDAYS BEGIN
    THANK U FATHER WE HOPE they have there bibles with them to eat(bread of life)(the word)(that gives life) as much as u can with no sleep(no food/water) 3 1/2 days(If u BELEIVE 100pUSRAF(u would be here already) rest sleep & U To will RISE to sea BLOOD RED EYES(BORN AGAIN) A LIVING GOD

Friend tell US the last GOD was JESUS who we sacrificed  WE say sacrifice this TIMPLE & u will sea GOD ALMIGHTY in EVERLASTING PARDICE. HEAVEN on EARTH

Now the fun begins. No body hear reAly noes about US hear till now when WE just told the mans wife that he is withholding the truth about telling US he was going to mark his calendar (8/27-28/05)(CAIN)the day WE said destruction would come if he failed to recognized who WE R.  Why because he is dead in his sins & can’t sea or remember or hear. When he begins to fast (the blood goes to the brain and washes the filth ( sin) away so he can begin to sea the light & remember hearing telling US that. It’s not his fault it was the American govt that heard US LOUD & CLEAR & defied US as they still do today ether they come tell the WORLD the TRUTH about US or WE will sea them on UJD when The WORLD will SEA(Cortez) the TRUTH and HEAR the TRUTH of EVERYTHING from GOD ALMIGHTY with ALMIGHTY FATHER and there GODS &  GODEST & the rest

If u have truths about anything We have said ( such as the 2 great falling stars (2 candle sticks) ( relations )I before WE drove between on interstate 10 med west somewhere 1/6-10/01 or if u can explain US a little better to the WORLD please come freely & share all u will in the green u will be tremendously blessed in doing so. Love ya

When the finger breaks off what u live in is yours forever paid in full except your annual 10pTreasurs made for the year

Area 51you where chosen since the bigening of time of this world of worlds ( multiple choppers from all around this world)1000 2 1 odds(cash payable when they arrive )only good for 4 days from now (11/13/14)then only 100 2 1 till they come u must have 10pcv(cash value) like R QUEENS 4 ur everlasting insurance when they come it will  still be 10pcv order to stay on the heavenly finger paridice on earth if u do not comply when We come u will have. 3 1/2hrs to come up with 20pw In the 4hr WE will escort u out of the area with nothing to never return least u die for US or be BORN AGAIN so please stop by as quick as u can to sea God Almighty 1 with his ALMIGHTY FATHER before WE come sea U

If u can get hear before the A1slow 5-20 the offer 1000 2 1 or 100 2 1 they come is good 4 U 2

Area 51you where chosen to be very speciel  people  or u wouldn’t be living hear since the bigening of time of this world of worlds ( multiple choppers from all around this world)1000 2 1 odds(cash payable when they arrive )only good for 4 days from now (11/13/14)then only 100 2 1 till they come u must have 10pcv(cash value) like R QUEENS 4 ur everlasting insurance when they come it will  still be 10pcv order to stay on the heavenly finger paridice on earth if u do not comply when We come u will have. 3 1/2hrs to come up with 20pw If not in the 4hr WE will escort u out of the area with nothing to never return least u die for US or be BORN AGAIN so please stop by as quick as u can to sea God Almighty 1 with his ALMIGHTY FATHER before WE come sea U Book of ACTS U LIE U DIE UJD FATHER ALMIGHTY KNOWS EVERTHING YOU DO SAY& THINK for he knows your wants & desires before you ask HIM not US WE HOPE you enjoy the ride of your LIFE when WE BREAK OFF  rattling your house 10x7x77x777x100x1000x10,000x what U cheated US sending u to worlds of hard labor till ur dept is paid in full what u stole times the times if  u r later personly convicted u will bring 7x what u stole from US a rattle that hard from just a doller x the hate you have for US x the hate of the world has 4 US no worry your insured with the ALMIGHTIES R ROCK(The Finger) will be fully INSURED in less than 4yrs so that nothing crumbles in R HEAVENLY EVERLASTING  PARIDICE on earth where u mite get a little wet when we slide off the fault line 576 miles long and out 50 mile (double GODS WRATH

WE R Recruting kings the first hear with 20pcv will be king of kings for the finger of GOD ALMIGHTY with AF & 50( next to follow) with 20pcvgift will be kings of paridiceA1QUICKlets get this party STARTED

U R holding up the show when it’s all up unless u can do on the way hear don’t kill your selves getting hear&bank cash Godspeed

King of kings the LAMB of GA

Each division with 50 kings one with the most for the year will be king of kings from then on With one lord of lords per king (chief guardsmen)with 100 lords (guards)each lord 1000 men
GOD Almighty /GOD of GODS/
KINGS 60pGA/40pK-10p brought by king of kings & all
king of kings 70pK/30pkk-10pbrought by kings & all
kings 70pkk/30p-20p brought by lord of lords  & all
lord of lords 80pk/20pll-10p brought by lords & all
Lords 80pll/20p-20p brought from all

Each division with 50 kings one with the most for the year will be king of kings from then on With one lord of lords per king (chief guardsmen)with 100 lords (guards)each lord 1000 men
GOD Almighty /GOD of GODS/
KINGS 60pGA/40pK-10p brought by king of kings & all
king of kings 70pK/30pkk-10pbrought by kings & all
kings 70pkk/30p-20p brought by lord of lords  & all
lord of lords 80pk/20pll-10p brought by lords & all
Lords 80pll/20p-20p brought from all

Keep track of what u give on ur computer WE will give back 10p in ROYAL TREASURS when PRODUCED sooner than u know 4 there is going to be a GOD of TREASURS  &. GOD of RECYCLING & GOD of ENERGY& GOD of the SUN & GOD of BEAUTY&GOD of GRAVITY & GOD of TREES & GOD of CONSTRUCTION & a GOD of CLONES & GOD of COPS & GOD of CIA & GOD of FBI & GOD of DEA & GOD of PRINT & GOD of COMUNICATION & GOD of KINGS & GOD of LORDS & GOD of MEN & GODESS of QUEENS. & GODESS of PRINCESSES & GODESS of WIVES $ GODESS of WOMEN & GOD of PRENCES & GOD of TRANSPERTATION & GOD of WORLDS & GOD of HEALTH & GOD of EDUCATION & GOD of CREATIVITY & GOD of SPACE & GOD of RESURCH & GOD of TRUTH. & GOD of CARS & GOD of ANGELS & GOD of BOATS & GOD of HOUSES & GOD of clean AIR & GOD of RAIN & GOD of PEACE & GOD of WAR & GOD of DESTRUCTION & GOD of JUDGES & GOD of EARTHQUAKES & GOD of WEATHER & GOD of MEDICATION & GOD of PHONES & GOD of FIRE & GOD of CONBUSTION  & GOD of POOL(billiards) should be 51 & endless more

Area 51you where chosen to be very speciel  people  or u wouldn’t be living hear since the bigening of time of this world of worlds ( multiple choppers from all around this world)1000 2 1 odds(cash payable when they arrive )only good for 4 days from now (11/13/14)then only 100 2 1 till they come u must have 10pcv(cash value) like R QUEENS 4 ur everlasting insurance when they come it will  still be 10pcv order to stay on the heavenly finger paridice on earth if u do not comply when We come u will have. 3 1/2hrs to come up with 20pw If not in the 4hr WE will escort u out of the area with nothing to never return least u die for US or be BORN AGAIN so please stop by as quick as u can to sea God Almighty 1 with his ALMIGHTY FATHER before WE come sea U Book of ACTS U LIE U DIE UJD FATHER ALMIGHTY KNOWS EVERTHING YOU DO SAY& THINK for he knows your wants & desires before you ask HIM not US WE HOPE you enjoy the ride of your LIFE when WE BREAK OFF  rattling your house 10x7x77x777x100x1000x10,000x what U cheated US sending u to worlds of hard labor till ur dept is paid in full what u stole times the times if  u r later personly convicted u will bring 7x what u stole from US a rattle that hard from just a doller x the hate you have for US x the hate of the world has 4 US no worry your insured with the ALMIGHTIES R ROCK(The Finger) will be fully INSURED in less than 4yrs so that nothing crumbles in R HEAVENLY EVERLASTING  PARIDICE on earth where u mite get a little wet when we slide off the fault line 576 miles long and out 50 mile (double GODS WRATH
Against  KING DAVIDS enemies)

No worries putting this up no one will be throne out 4 when they wake up remembering what WE did in past worlds they all will come 4 this world of worlds is the WORLD of EVERLASTING PEACE and HARMONEY TRUST US it’s all going to be ok

PORT HOLE in time will be R 4th PRAYER to go up when 1  is.  BORN AGAIN (4th LIVING GOD) (GOD of TIME) WE will sea DCF and the REST at 22240CCDCFR

PRAYER #5 all R people have apple phones connected to web GOD of APPLE( PHONES) new owner of APPLE. 5th LIVING GOD at

Dewan schauster construction of canton OH bring 20pcv & 7×15,000  (lost wages) because u would not sign deposition. u wanted half in order to sign. WE want u bring complete crew to build ground up 4 buildings 2,000ft by 2,000ft A1QUICKinc Why. Because WE really like U(u wanted us to be part of ur number 1 crew (we were honored )& not run A1QUICKinc at. 22240CDConstruction

Buisnesses 25pcv for the first year 4 all out side of America double 4 her. Then 20pcv 4 the finger and rest of the world except 4 the BITCH U WHORE DOUBLE 4 U & double 4 the world if WE have to come sea U

If u die Defieing US u will wake up in a world of worlds life after life being defied 10x7x77x777x100x1000x10,000 what u defied US till U get it right to come through CC

P1 of 2PS 4 A protective shield around those coming & going from the FINGER of GOD &  leaval ground with 4 buildings 2,000ft By 2,000ft with furnished up stairs living areas.  Ground floor  filled with 50 of the finest sports cars & 5 pool tables with huge kitchen & dining area with any of ur added specialties such as anything we think of till this prayer goes up for u know r every thought Place surrounded from freeway around bundy orange and up canyon drive with huge gate with 12ft high walls with 5 helecopter pads and US being 1,000 x stronger as WE where at 33 years old Being the grand master of martial arts in the best of health. & R Queen of Queens restored to her true beauty as she was before WE made her ugly because of her ugly ways & lee to become 100x stronger than he was in his prime being the most handsome  king on the finger along with  Ronie being 100x stronger than his prime & everyone  that flys into the finger be 2X up till the 4thhr 10x stronger & everyone that flies in to WILDomar be 100x stronger and those that drop TREASURS be 1,000x stronger & those on the finger that drop treasure 100x stronger through R AFATHERS FISTS with your fist hitting 1 who defies US U Will be 10x stronger when this prayer goes up & A1QUICK be fully functional with R AFATHERS finger printing  everything 4 US in HIS Kingdom giving all those that come in HIS name a apple phone fully operational with R AFATHER A1QUICK  will be in full operation as it should be and connected to US  & when this prayer goes up u will sea nothing but A1QUICK on tv 4 40d & 40n & the strength  will be given. 4th. LG GOD of STRUCTURE at 22240CDGStructureP2 of 1SP  the end of conception in darkness & death to seed trying to prove US wrong & death to all unborn in America & weapons with fire be turned to dust & all war Machines transform into fancy sports cars & Yawts  that can fly
If U belive if not it turn to dust leaving U in the dust or treading water that is full GREAT WHITE & ORAKA great white killer whales
P2 4 everyone that believes be restored 100p health limbs   Eyes hearing teeth to never get sick again & move all the peaple out of the way of construction along with there stuff to begin & finish all construction of buildings & homes & as before completly furnished with everything

P3 4 2 put in separate piles all silver with pearls &gold with gems & platum with gems & be transformed into everlasting TREASURS & placed where they should be according to records & cash & recycled to blue print paper

P5  4 those that fly in R AFATHERS name A1QUICK & US all that fly into the finger will be 10x stronger  &into wildomar 100x stronger & drop TREASURS 1000x stronger & those on the finger who drop treasures will be 100x  stronger when BORN AGAIN Joann’s health be 100x greater all fire arms & war heads will turn to dust when this prayer goes up 5th LG  GOD of  DUST at 22240CDGDust
P6 4 the port hole of time open up so the first 5 can come through and every 3 1/2 years the next set will come through. 6th LG. GOD of TIME at 22240CDGTime

P7  4 if u believe ur plane will transform into a flying sports car powered by atomic energy & war ships will transform into fancy boats that accommodate  ur cars if u R against US yours will turn to dust if u die when this happens u will end up in the book of the dead registered with the amount of hate u had 4 US so u can be juged fairly when WE sea u  7th LG. GOD of TRANSFORMATION at. 22240CDGTransformation

P8 4 the finger to become a tropical paridice with trees of every kind from around the world as well as plant life with our Palice completly built and furnished on the mountain where WE would want it 8 th LG  GOD of PARIDICE at

P9 4 the CIA. Building and hotels be fully constructed and furnished if possible. 9th. LG. GOD of CONSTRUCTION at 22240CDGConstruction

P10 print list of ANGLES as they come in. 10th LG.  GOD of ANGLES at 22240CDGA

P11 print list of peace keepers(checkpoints). 11th LG.  GOD of PEACE at 22240CDGP

P12. Print list in the book of the DEAD 12th LG. GOD of the DEAD at

P13. All war heads disarmed. 13th LG. GOD of WAR at 22240CDGW

P14. Add & print book of R WIVES 14th LG GODESS of WIVES at

P15 add & print book of PRINCESSES 15th LG. GODESS of PRINCESSES at 22240CDGSP

P16. add & print book of R LORDS LG 16th LG. GOD of LORDS at

P17. add. & print accounts in the TREASURY book 17th LG. GOD of the TREASURIES at 22240CDGT

P18 add. & print the book of TRUETH the truths about US 18th LG. GOD of TRUTH at 22240CDGTruth

P19 add & print (names in stone) the book of GODS 19th LG.  GOD of GODS at 22240CDGG

When u find these screaming blood read eyes & all delirious there name will be writen  (in stone)in this book if they r for real if so bring them as Quick as posible WE will give u. 1,000 to 1 the expense of getting them hear plus ur time (25hr)x1,000 to 22240CDLG

P20 restore R HEALTH to when we were in r prime at age 33 with the nicest teeth WEVE ever had thank you ALMIGHTY FATHER  20th LG. GOD of HEALTH at 22240CDGH

P21. add & print the book of PRINCES 21st LG. GODESS of PRINCES at 22240CDGP

P22 to open the port hole of TIME and let DCF and the rest come on through 22nd LG. GOD of TIME at

P23. Let all the collections from the finger be complete with all transactions recorded in the treasury 23rd LG.  GOD of COLECTIONS at

P24 trees from all around finished planted on the finger 24th LG. GOD of TREES at 22240CDGTrees

P25 let there always be rain for R trees on the finger 25th LG. GOD of RAIN at 22240CDGR

P26 the construction of everything on the finger be complete & furnished ready 4 operation 26th LG. GOD of CONSTRUCTION at 22240CDGC

P27 print the duties & structure of COPS with Financial breakdown and all there names and locations 27th LG.  GOD of COPS at 22240CDGCOPS

P28 print the complete structure of everything for the CIA 28th LG. GOD of CIA at 22240CDGCIA

P29 let the clones be ready to give life to 29th LG. GOD of CLONES at

P30 give life to the clones upon payment in full 30th LG. GOD of LIFE at 22240CDGLife

P31 for all silver & pearls(needed) for coins be compiled into one pile in Vegas 31st LG. GOD of SILVER & PEARLS at  22240CDGSP

P32 let this pile of silver & pearls be transformed into the silver triangular coins of the world 32nd LG. GOD of SILVER COINS at 22240CDGSC

P33 place all the gold & gems (needed) that is rightfully RS in one pile hear 33rd LG. GOD of GOLD & GEMS at
P34 turn this pile of gold & gems into R gold triangular coins 34th LG. GOD of GOLD COINS at 22240CDGGCoins

P35  to pile all R platinum & gems( needed) in one pile hear 35th LG. GOD of PLATNUM & GEMS at 22240CDGPG

P36 turn this pile of PLATNUM & gems into R PLATNUM trianglar coins 36th LG. GOD of PLATNUM COINS at
P37. Pile all the paper money in the world hear 37th LG. GOD of paper MONEY at 22240CDGM

P38 recycle this pile of paper money into blue print paper 38th LG  GOD of RECYCLING  at 22240CDGR

P39. Disperse the TREASURS as they should be throughout the world 39th LG. GOD of TREASURS at 22240CDGTreasures

P40 everyone have solar power energy for there homes & buisnesses 40th LG. GOD of SOLAR at 22240CDGSolar

P41 for the creation of atomic fuel cells for TRANSPERTATION  41st LG. GOD of ATOMIC ENERGY at 22240CDGAE

P42 for the knowledge to alter the laws of gravity 42nd LG. GOD of KNOWLEDGE at 22240CDGKnowledge
P42 to apply the Scientific knowledge of altering gravity to flying cars 42nd LG. GOD of SCIENCE at 22240CDGSience

P43 4 earthquake 6.9 on the finger x the hate of the world for US just cheaking to sea how much u love US & how R INSURANCE  is working around the world WE think WE pray HE break it gently sliding off & coast 100 (percent )miles out 43rd LG. GOD of QUAKE INSURANCE 100p at 22240CDGQI100P

P44 4 the knowledge to travel at the SPEED of light 44th LG. GOD of SPEED at 22240CDGSpeed

P45 4 the wizdome to apply the knowledge of speed.  Of LIGHT 45th LG. GOD of WIZZDOME  at

P46 with wizdome to install the speed of light into TRANSPERTATION 46th LG. GOD of TRANSPERTATION at 22240CDGTranspertation

47 4 Reneas (my friend )arm become normal 47th LG. GOD of ARMAGEDDON at. 22240CDGArmageddon

P48. 4 the sun to cool down so it don’t swallow up this world with everlasting fire 48th LG. GOD of the SUN at

P49. 4 finished construction of a giant cargo space ship with the power of speed of light 49th LG. GOD of SPACE at 22240CDGSpace

P50 4 everything that rightfully belongs to US be loaded up in R space craft ready for take off. 50th LG. GOD of READYNESS at 22240CDGReadyness

P51. 2 jump into R space craft & ignite the speed of light to flight to R BROTHER & SISTERS light years away in space because nobody gives a fuck about US or they would be hear with US when we R hurting the most we ever have love to sea r real family FATHERRR take US HOME. 51st LG. GOD of LOVE at

P52 4 joann(lees( best friend)mother) transform into the most beutafull princes there 2 B at age 22 52nd LG. GOD of transformation at 22240CDGTransfomation

P53 4 US 2 B 1000x stronger when at age of 33 53rd LG. GOD of STRINGTH at 22240CDGStrength

P54 4 KC 2 shape 2 nicest shape she ever had love ya. 54th LG. GOD of SHAPE at 22240CDGShape

P55 4 Lee to become the finest looking Prince there is  55th LG. GOD of FINEST at 22240CDGFinest

P56  4 Ronie 2 return to  the primest his bodies ever been. 56th LG. GOD of PRIME at 22240CDGPrime

P57 4 structured computerized education 4 3yr olds & up. 57th LG GOD of EDUCATION at  22240CDGEducation

P58 4 US 2 B A computer wizard best hacker of all time 58th LG. GOD of WIZARDS at 22240CDGWizards

P59 4 terry( good friend) to return to his youth(22) 59th LG. GOD of YOUTH at 22240CDGYouth

P60 4 terry 2 B given his wife back at his age 60th LG. GOD of GIVING at 22240CDGGiving

P61 Joanne’s eye sight restored 100p 61st LG. GOD of EYES at 22240CDGEyes

P62 4 the world 2 B enlightened with outer space. 62nd LG. GOD of ENLIGHTMENT at 22240CDGEnlightment

P63 4 US 2 B the grand master of marshal arts. 63rd LG. GOD of ARTS at 22240CDGArts

P64 4 Dave (friend) to have peace of mind. 64th LG. GOD of the MIND at. 22240CDGMind

P65. 4 the finished construction of R  Palace overlooking the bay. 65th LG. GOD of PALACES at 22240CDGPalaces

P66 2 have print of purple for those that tithed 66th LG. GOD of TITHES at 22240CDGTithes

P67 2 have printed the names & structure of the DEA. 67th LG. GOD of the DEA at 22240CDGDEA

P68 2 have printed the  investigations of truths about US  & the structure of the FBI. 68th LG. GOD of FBI at 22240CDGFBI

P69 2 know how to please a woman to the fullest ever 69th LG  GOD of SEX at 22240CDGS69

P70 4 dawn (friend) 2 become a incredibly attractive woman. 70th LG. GOD of INCREDIBLITY at 22240CDGIncrediblity

P71 4 the 2 boxes of music WE typed with broken fingers & R insides destroyed printed in the book of music  ( rock in roll). 71st. LG. GOD of MUSIC at 22240CDGMusic

P72  4 all accounts in the everlasting treasures B printed & structured the way they should B 72nd LG. GOD of STRUCTURE at 22240CDGStructure

P73 2 sea & get 2 know my real dad ( died at 36)from this life as WE know it 73rd LG. GOD of REUNION at

P74. 4 heather to become the sexest princes alive 74th LG. GOD of BECOMING at 22240CDGBecoming

P75 4 kateland to B the sweetest of them all 75th LG. GOD of SWEETNESS at 22240CDGSugar

P76  2 eat the finest of foods from around the world 76th LG. GOD of FOOD at 22240CDGHungry

P77 2 have the greatest strains of leaf from all ends of the earth. 77th LG. GOD of EARTH at. 22240CDGEarth

P78 2 have the cleanest speed.  Boat made. 78th LG. GOD of LIGHT at 22240CDGEnlightment

P79 4 the world to be able to refract light ( abtain ur sole). 79th LG  GOD of REFRACTION at. 22240CDGsoles

P80 4 everyone 2 have there lost most loved pets come through the port hole of time. 80th LG. GOD of ANIMALS at. 22240CDMAX

P82 4 GOD 2 take away R PAIN in R side  82nd LG. GOD of PAIN at. 22240CDGSUFFERING

P83 4 the eagles to make it to the Super Bowl & THE MARK  83rd. LG. GOD of EAGLES at 22240CDGEverlasting

P84 4 there B PEASE & HARMONY  throughout the world 84th LG. GOD of HARMONY at. 22240CDGHarmoney

P85. 4 the world to sea each other Equally 2 not juge 1 another 4 what u have or don’t have except ye B  a LIVING GOD A JUDGE of the ALMIGHTY FATHER. 85th. LG. GOD of EQUALTY  at. 22240CDGEqualty

P86. 4 2 B abundant fish in all lakes & rivers round the world as quick as the bait hits the water u have 1. 86th. LG. GOD of QUICKNESS at  22240CDGQuickness

P87. 4 satellites 2 B able to sea into the earth crust finding silver gold platum & other useful minerals deposits. 87th LG. GOD of SATELLITES at 22240CDGSatellites

P88. 4 the oceans B full of new and taster fish from out of this world. 88th LG. GOD of TASTE at 22240CDGTaste

P89. 4 no man to have Sexual desires 4 another man. 89th. LG. GOD of DESIRES at 22240CDGDesires

P90.  4 the deserts to get plenty of rain to give life to new kinds of plants shrubs & trees over night. 90th LG. GOD of RAIN at. 22240CDGRain

P91 4 US 2 B able Communicate with family light years away. 91st LG. GOD of COMMUNICATION at 22240CDGCommunication

P92. 4 man never to be in charge of what to do with a LIVING GOD so he is not held responsible 4 what R FATHER will do to them 4 poor JUGEMENT 4 who is man(dead) to juge the LIVING.  It is the LIVING that gives LIFE to the dead(man) if he comes giving whole heartily then the LIVING shale give back LIFE more abundantly
with no end. 92nd. LG. GOD of RESPONSABILTY at 22240CDGResposibilty

P93 4 all flies to vaporize & sent 100,000,000 fold to the worlds of those that defied 93rd LG. GOD of FLIES at

P94 4 at this time anybody dies denying a LIVING GOD will wake up in a everlasting world of worlds hungry poor needy sick and no 1 to give u love but everlasting contempt WE would think with out a dought  after all these PRAYERS R answered up to this one there would never be hope 4 them ever again they all will be answered Quicker than u think 4 R FATHER is all about QUICKNESS. 94th LG. GOD of QUICKNESS at

P95. By this time the ones who held back the  1s who wanted to come if u die before u come 4 forgiveness u will wake up in world of endless worlds of what u wanted 4 US x the amount of LOVE u held back x 10x7x77x 777x100x1,000×10,000×100,000. 95th LG GOD of the ENDLESSNESS at 22240CDGEnd

P96 4 all to be perfectly restored all missing  broken or deformed limbs & abnormalities. 96th LG. GOD of RESTERATION at 22240CDGResteration
If U COME in R ALMIGHTY FATHERS name A1QUICK U WILL HAVE HIS SHEALD AROUND U WE R the ANSER to PRAYERS don’t go up least u be here WE tell U no copper just fist in A1QUICK U R CHRIST trying to save US so WE say

WE will give what u have in ur pocket when u come through that port hole in TIME X10(Dan)x7x77x777x100(Christ Dan)x1000GODx10,000GOD ALMIGHTYx100,000GOD ALMIGHTY w ALMIGHTY FATHER and the ANSER to PRAYER KNOCK EM OUT

This includes those dieing to unjam The transmit ion to the rest of the world.

Penneys r worth a doller in R KINGDOM so fill your pockets full of copper that won’t penetrate UR SHIELD good old ABE 4 score. BATTLE of GETtys BurGODS
Who side R U on

P116 4  the first 4 days punches  on those worth 1000x strength  win BORN AGAINin R FATHERS name A1QUICK (HIS KINGDOM)(WE CREATED 4 HIM) WILL OPEN the DOOR to PRAYERS by the TIME U get hear U may find a apple phone in hand before U get hear FATHER of MAGIC


P98. 4 all guns turn to dust. 98th. LG. GOD of GUNS

P99 4 everyone 2 have nice teeth. 99th LG. GOD of TEETH at 22240CDGTeeth

P100. 4 everyone 2 have excellent eye site. 100th LG. GOD of EXCELLENTS at 22240cCDGExcellents

P101 4 all animals to b in HARMONEY with each other with no unpredictability  101th. Lag. GOD of UNPREDICTABILTY at 22240CDGUnpredictabilty

P102 4 everyone that believes B restored 2 perfect health
102nd. LG. GOD of PERFECTION at 22240CDGPerfection

P103 4 all weeds briers & thorns turn to dust 103rd. LG. GOD of DUST at 22240CDGDust

P104 4 all R planets & moons around this sun b as earth was when created in 7 days with only US( those that beleave ) 2 Populat  them 104th LG. GOD of PLANITS at 22240CDGPlanets

P105.  4 everyone that believes b given the mind of creativity to create  105th. LG. GOD of CREATIVTY at 22240CDGCreativity

P106. 4 all prisoners have there monitoring devices around there nicks as described & ready to release. 106th. LG. GOD of PRISONERS at 22240CDGPrisoners

P107 4 there to B 1000 x more eagles & hawks & owls. 107th LG. GOD of BIRDS at 22240CDGBirds

P108. add & print book of Aliens with all Secrets exposed about them & who kept them secrets. 107th. LG. GOD of SECRETS at 22240CDGSecrets

P109. 2 B able 2 send those who defie through the port hole to worlds of everlasting punishment( what they wanted 4 US times the times. 109th LG  GOD of PUNISHMENT at 22240CDGPunishment

P110. 4 warships to B transformed into luxurious yachts &  cruse ships.  110th LG. GOD of LUXURY at 22240CDLuxury

P111. 4 all war planes B transformed into flying cars powered by atomic energy to travel at light speed if u believe as everything else if u don’t it will turn to dust. 111 LG. ATOMIC GOD at 22240CDGAtomic

P112.  4 all trash to turn dust. 112th LG. GOD of TRASH at 22240CDGTrash

P113  4 all those against US turned. 2 dust 2 B printed in the book of the dead with there exact thoughts 4 US. Sea u in time 2 give u what u wanted 4 US times the times into worlds of world times the time u felt that way. 113th. LG. GOD of EXACTNESS at 22240CDGExactness

P114. 4 THIS PRAYER is 4 U WITH R FATHERS FIST U R the PORTHOLE in TIME UR SPIRT WITH R FAAtHERS SPIRT U can RELEASE the POWER of the SPIRTS of the WORLD OPENING TIME  with the STRIKE that BEGINS TIME of RELEASING OF SOULS making LIVING GODS by the TIME U get hear U will be      FLYING a BAD ASS SPORTS CAR just look for the worst house in the neborhood at you know U will have A APPLE phone in UR HAND letting U know GODS have come to LIFE  this pain in R side is killing US like A giant SPEAR being JAMBED into at rib cage come A1QUICK GOD SPEED AMEN AFATHER. WE PRAY from the time of first lift to 4hrs that those that fly within the finger will be 10x stronger & within the Valley  WILDomar Be 100x stronger & those that see US with TREASERS  Be  1000x stronger  & at the same time those that sea US hear at home with treasure will  Be  100x stronger all in the first 4rs when BORN AGAIN this is what U will  transform into & so very much more when U bring more sun rise strike 114th LIVING GODS.  GOD OF GODS striker  22240CDGGODS

P115 4 those that fly within the finger be 10x stronger & those that come into WILD B 100x stronger & those that drop TREASURS B 1000x stronger all when BORN AGAIN
& to those on the finger that see US with TREASURS 100xstronger. 115th. LG. GODS of PARIDICE at 22240CDGSPARIDICE

It’s going to be better than WE thought cheak out the first 9 prayers. I’m sick  & hurting really bad going to bed hope to be wakend by the screaming eagles R AFATHER A1QUICK US BE WITH U AMEN now look at the first 5 prayers. WE can send several prayers for one soul for there is many of US like WE said U will be flying cars QUICKer than u know

Universal each Dan is 10x & each Christ is 100x God is 1000x God Almighty 10,000 God Almighty Father 100,000x GOd Almighty Almighty Father 1,000,000,000 x the MARK SalvationI1dan2Dan3DAn4DAN57DANcrit677DANChrist677DANCHrist7777DANCHRist8777777SEADANCHRIst97777777 X  What U  give is X what U get in return and so on  the strength to a CHANGE  in the world in A  twinkling in the eye when WE see U coming through R our gates or flyover LOOK NOW at prayer 1 with 5Prayers 5 souls 5received  5 LIVING GODS 1Soul 1GOD at least every 3 1/2-4th day
P4 of P1. 4
NOW EVERYTHING 2 X up till the 4thhr.  4th. P1. LGS. GODS of EVERYTHING at 22240GAGSEverything

P5 of P1 4 Living Gods come through Coming of Gods porthole of time for  Gods  P51P1st. LGS.  GODS of COMING of GODS.  at. 22240GAGSCGS

When DCF & BOYS CG(coming gods) will be 100x strength 1,000 Greater minds 10,000 heart 100,000 soul. OH. What a great coming this will be when the world will see true light of US

This  unbearable spear in R rib cage is killing us from not being able to release the SOULS till you LIFT into the air  TIME BEGINS after 3 1/2 hours when R FATHER decides if there is enough love in the world heavens gates will open up releasing souls with transformations of everything possibly emaginable  will take place in a twinkling of a EYE blood red This spear of the world exploding in r ribe cage is ackeing from hell with it fly now at least be flying over head tiping your wings as u fly past when seeing US at 707 bringing as many 7S as you can lift when R URS FATHERS sprint lifts YOU

Could come as a thief in the night if U want R FATHERS SPEARIT be with u.

Or from the time U lift off your ass to do something 4 US to start TIME to release the SOULS


By 12:00 if u r not hear those who could not make it because of sea and believed hole heartily u will travel through time with us 2 the everlasting PARIDICE  heaven on earth the great finger of god almighty almighty fathers unlimited love US or because u could not lift off your ass fisting someone on the chin u will have nothing but dust leaving naked like Thee eve adom split every war head on the face of this earth when we take only those when r father LIFTS US off QUAKE LIGHTS (war heads of any fire will self exsplode taking only the names WE called 2 A world of worlds of worlds A universal world of paridice heaven in space 13th 2 17th 4 DAYSALVATION. Going into 4th DAY the transition will be startlingly  surprisingly  breakthrough TImEverlasting
ALMIGHTYS of ALMIGHTYS ALMIGHTYS Fathers of fathers of fathersgoooodsssssspeed of lights outta hear

It all started with A atom a1 with lthe universes A1queens A1Quniverses. A1QUintergalacter A1QUIcome  A1QUICknow. A1QUICK fast A1QUICK Falmightys. A1QUICK FAtime A1QUICK FATheaven A1QUICK FATHeverlasting a1QUICK FATHEresurection. A1QUICK FATHERsalvation. A1QUICK FATHERS goddesses

4 atoms New York Chicago Houston Los angles dallis  5-20 more others around the world with more everlasting worlds of worlds to comedouble the cup 5 more at the same time centers over where we were loved least in USA within 4hrs 40 more around the world over the ones u loved most sending them into everlasting worlds of unwanted ness loveless ness sickness poorest of poor everyone will sea them suffering with none to give a helping hand in love

God this spear of the world in our side is KILLING US. Must transform before it kills us or stress from the world will drive us FCrazy 17th at 7:07 LIFT 7XTreasure in HEALTH 1,000 x greater when born again
WE R sure will have  room 4 2 more out side the pads

A lot of pepeal r going to want to know why they didn’t get a chance to belive because u P3of 1P4 all your stuff to turn to dust if your not hear before this prayer goes up  U most have every living tex UP & Sent to as many as u can & the more  to beleve oh how blesses U in deed u will Be